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Docker API - Check if the image has been updated in Docker Registry (DockerHub / Private Registry)

10 Apr 2019 » docker, others

Easy way to check for base image updates for a running container. Works for DockerHub and Private DTR.

DTR host - http://dockertrustedregistry/

dockerd host - http://dockerdhost/

Gettting the ImageID of running containers

First order of business is to get the Image name / Image ID. For this, send a GET request to the endpoint http://dockerdhost/containers/json to get a list of containers in JSON format. We’re looking for the keys Image and ImageID. We’ll use these to query the registry API for updates.

Getting the digest of these Images from the registry

Next, for these Images send a GET to the registy API. The only catch here is the requirement for a certain header, without which we won’t get the latest digest. This one:


With this header, send a GET to http://dockertrustedregistry/v2/<Image_Name>/manifests/latest

<Image_Name> here is just the name of the image WITHOUT the Registry prefix. For instance, if your image is dockertrustedregistry/someimagename, just use someimagename.

Handy function to do this (not fully tested):

def short_image_name(image_name):
    pos_slash = image_name.find("/")
    pos_colon = image_name.find(":", pos_slash)
    if pos_colon == -1:
        pos_colon = len(image_name) + 1
    return image_name[pos_slash+1:pos_colon]

In the JSON response, we’re looking for the value of digest under config. Something like resp.json()["config"]["digest"] (If you’re not getting this, recheck the header)

Compare this value with the ImageID. If they’re different, the Image has been updated.