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[Short] GoPro Hero 7 - Battery Drain issue

15 Mar 2019 » technology, others


GoPro Hero 7’s battery drains overnight while it is switched off. (Brand new device, less than 3 days old)

Fixes I found on the Internet:

Rollback firmware updates

Since I updated the firmware the first time I booted up the device, this was the first thing I tried. Left it powered off for roughly 6 hours and the battery reached zero.

Remove the memory card before switching off

This was a weird one, but since I wanted it fixed without going through the replacement / RMA procedure, I gave it a shot. After all, you never know what kind of coding brainfarts are embedded. Didn’t work.

Fix that worked for me

Turn off the Wireless connectivity. From the pull down menu, go to Preferences > Connections > Wireless Connections > Off.

After leaving it powered off overnight and seeing no battery drain, decided to stress test it. Stress testing in this case means leaving it powered off for days. Left it powered off for a week - minimal battery drain!